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Friday, February 19, 2016

Goodbye IMU!


It was not easy to bid farewell to a place where I had so much memories. Everything that allowed me to grow and become who I am today. Of course it was not easy to go through some experiences I had in IMU but I guess it worth the journey.

Don't expect a long post to summarize my experience in IMU, but even the full story should remain undisclosed as it is needed to remind me that to become a better person is not an overnight work. 3 years in IMU taught a whole life worth of experiences.

I would love to thank the Almighty for giving me this chance to realize what I can do for me despite what people planned for me and today I can turn back and smile.

I would also want to thank my family, especially my beloved husband to blindly believes in me no matter how life was until today. I wish all the happiness possible in this world and hereafter for him. I love you sayang!

I want to thank all friends since primary school, secondary school, pre-diploma, diploma and colleagues who always there for me when I almost gave up at times. I wish the best for everyone.

Last but not the least, a million thanks to all lecturers in IMU: Mr. Alex, Dr. Nicole, Ms.Zuhrah, Dr. Abdoul, Mr Sara, Prof Menke, Ms Sam, Dr Ke, Ms Nurul, Dr Jana and few more lecturers from another faculty who taught me in IMU.

Learning is to me not only to get certificates or to get good jobs, but to remind me how important every single person that landed their roles in my life and how much they contributed along my journey to the finishing line. I truthfully know that with just thanking them is not enough but I pray that God will bless them in anything they do throughout their journey in life.

p/s: I am so grateful to graduate on time LOL... till then
xoxo... luv ya all!!!!!!



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