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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Life update!

Salam Sejahtera kepada semua*

Nad harap blog ni masih relevan even dah lama tak update. Many things happened for the past few months since Nad updated. Banyak event berlaku dalam hidup Nad. I love being transparent; making life easier with no lies and less stressful too, In sha Allah. Last June 2016, Nad dah selamat bergraduasi bersama rakan sekelas. Of course attended by my beloved husband, Mr. A, daughter, AA, my sister, NFM and her daughter, my niece, Ms B. All went well for the day. Then, Eid was celebrated quite well afterward in KT. Fast forward to August 2016, something bad happened to my marriage.

We got separated for almost a month before we reconciled and worked our best to rekindle the relationship the best we can. How Nad manage to endure all the events? Million thanks to my closest friends who knew the situation and never left my side ever since. Banyak Nad belajar during that critical period; the worst moment in my entire life. Now after went through all of those down moments in life, I think I can prepare myself well enough for anything for my dear life; for my future.

Alhamdulillah, I gained strength from the experiences and I hope, I can be better version of myself. Enough with that 'not-so-happy-vibe' story, let me update you with current life. Many good things I earned from that. Nad dapat kerja, yes, Allah permudahkan urusan mencari kerja, to survive my alone period. Satu perkara yang jelas, bila kita sebagai hambaNya solely submitted ourselves to Him, He took the pain away, the sorrows and all the negative things away. Jangan malu meminta denganNya.

So, for now, I am a survivor. Masih planning for my future, be it alone or with the loved ones. To be a better person among others, first I must be a better person to myself. Selalu gembira dan abaikan negative people yang akan selalu mencari kekurangan kita. Do not put so much power on others' hands! Create my own happiness and satisfaction!

Till then, thank you!





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