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Sunday, December 28, 2014

How to make a Nice Latte!!!

I use this !!!

Ok... what do we need to make a home-made cafe latte:-

The ground coffee [if you don't have coffee grinder at home!] - Just choose which brand you love the most.

Paper coffee filter [depend on how many cups you want to make]

paper filters [I bought mine at Daiso! :) ]

Filter holder

filter holder [I bought mine at Daiso :) ]

Cup and spoon

Fresh milk [or any kind of milk that you love!]

Sugar / caramel syrup/ vanilla syrup [optional]

Hot/ boiling water !

Now, how to prepare the espresso shot? [the black coffee portion]

espresso shot! -sample-

Put 2-3 table spoon of coffee into the coffee filter and then insert the filter onto the holder.

Then put the holder on the cup / mug. Slowly pour the boiling water into the filter till 1/4 of the cup / mug. Stir the coffee powder slowly. Take out the filter and put aside. Now you have your espresso shot.

For hot latte: Before making espresso shot, boil your fresh milk [3/4 of the mug/ cup]. Makesure to stir it and do not over boil the milk. [Note: If you want your milk frothy, please use the milk frother - well I don't have that at home]. Then quickly pour you hot milk into the espresso cup. [Note: You can add any type of syrups you like or sugar, or just drink it just like that!]

Milk Frother [ Just buy at Daiso]

For iced/cold latte: Pour 3/4 cup milk into the espresso cup.... In the separate glass or tumbler, put ice cubes [as many as you want] then pour the mixture into the glass. [Note: You can add your favorite syrups or sugar first in the mixture before you pour into the ice cubes' glass.]

Taraaa!!! super easy, you can forget about other coffee shops' drinks. Just make by your own at home in your comfort space.

My Hot Caramel Latte

My Iced Caramel Latte

p/s: You can shop your favourite ground coffee at any convenient stores! I bought mine at Jaya Grocer!



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